Traveling to Gold King Creek Alaska Adventures

Summers in the Alaska Range are wide ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s in temperature. We suggest you dress for spring and fall type weather for our summer. A good all-around layered dress for Alaska.

Suggested Clothing and items:

Backpack / day pack / bag

Jacket- med / light   rain, wind proof

Rain gear


Waterproof or rubber boot

Sweaters / hooded sweat shirts

Outdoor type gear / layered clothing


Pair of shorts or two

Camp shoes

Insect repellent

Getting to Fairbanks:

Alaska Airlines flies to Fairbanks all year round, Delta now also flies to Fairbanks from the lower 48 all year round. We suggest booking early as this is a busy time of year and space can become limited. All Hotel / Motels in Fairbanks have airport shuttle service to their facility. There are many options to stay in Fairbanks and these can be found on the internet for your choice. We have an exclusive rate at the Best western In Fairbanks for our customers traveling out to Gold King camp. We suggest making your reservation there as this will be our staging area for your trip out to camp.

For people driving to Fairbanks:

If you are coming to Fairbanks in a vehicle or RV there are several camp grounds and camping sites available in the Fairbanks area. We suggest searching the internet for this as most are listed there. Make reservations early as these are very busy areas in the summer months.

It is best to arrive in Fairbanks no later than the Saturday prior to Sundays flight.